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  • If you require site development, Eastern offers the full gamut of site services including: excavating, grading, sewer, septic systems, water and fire connections, footings, foundations, and flat concrete work. Eastern has the know-how, experience, licensing, and equipment to handle anything from residential garages to full multi-unit developments.

Due to the individuality of every plan, we ask that you call us at (860) 875-6646 or contact us to discuss your proposed project.

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Just a Reminder:
The average size basement needs 1 sump hole and 1 sump pump to adequately discharge any water in the basement. An average sump pump pumps 3,000 gallons of water per hour. That is the equivalent of a standard oil truck. Some companies will try to sell you two pumps. Do you get two oil trucks full of water in your basement per hour? Check with your local building inspector to see what he/she recommends for an inside drainage system.

The proper drainage system consists of 4" perforated pipe encased in washed stone with filter fabric underneath. This system is put in place below the floor, adjacent to the footing.

Don’t fall for gimmicks that call for a track/curb system that is not installed below the floor — this method does not lower the water table under the floor!

Exposing your floor slab to excess moisture from below which acts like a sponge and results in the dreaded damp, musty basement.

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